Apartment Management Companies in NJ

Apartment Management Companies in NJWe focus only on property management, and that’s what makes us the smart choice in apartment management companies in NJ. Connection is located in Marlton and we serve property owners in South and Central New Jersey. Our management services provide benefits to property owner and tenants, and our property managers are state-licensed realtors who stay informed on landlord-tenant statutes. That’s why NJ property owners rely on us for a full range of rental needs.

Connection recognizes why apartment management companies in NJ find an outside firm for the property management needs. Many of our clients suffered a financial loss leaving their services to a low cost property management company, or tried to manage the properties themselves without success. At Connection, we aren’t the least expensive or most expensive firm; we just provide the best value and rate of return for your property.

Connection provides expert services in several areas:

Preparing Rental Properties. Our team will inspect the property, and determine what your rental price should be through market analysis. We’ll also show the units to tenants and establish a background check format for potential occupants.

Managing Rental Properties. Connection’s service team has a 24/7 hotline for emergencies and needed maintenance. We handle inspections and repair contracts, and we also oversee rent collections and escrow accounts.

Accounting/Communications. We’ll send you a monthly income statement based on rent collections, and we’ll handle the financial books for your fees and expenses.

Connection Property Management is here to save you the undue stress and financial problems caused by choosing from less than the best in apartment management companies in NJ. When you’re ready to entrust your property to a respected and successful management team, call or contact us to learn more…you’ll see why landlords and property owners trust no one else!