Owner Faq’s

After you are done reviewing our information, please give us a call at 856 988-1800 or email us. Once we receive your information, we will set up an appointment at your earliest convenience to view your property to complete the initial property inspection.

  • FAQ
  • What does the initial inspection entail?

    A South Jersey property manager from Connection Property Management will meet you at your property to conduct the initial inspection and to answer any questions you have. During this process, we will take digital photos of your home, install our sign in the yard and place a lockbox on the front door. Please make sure your home is clean and in picture-ready condition. If it is not, please let us know in advance and we can give you a bid on any work that has to be done to make the property rent-ready.

  • Doesn't the inspection determine what work needs to be done?

    Yes and no. When we inspect the house, we will check all appliances and systems are operational (lights, garbage disposal, dishwasher, heating and air conditioning, etc.) and examine your home from a rent-ready perspective. Connection Property Management will then give you a list of all necessary repairs and recommended improvements. You can then make arrangement to have the work done or we will provide bids to do the work for you. The less we have to do to make the property rent-ready, the faster we can get your property listed and rented. If you need help, our on-call maintenance and repair center has reliable and experienced repairmen, painters and other contactors, as well as access to licensed electricians and plumbers who can make your property ready to list in no time at all.

  • What do I need to do to get my property rent-ready?

    The interior of the property should be freshly painted (neutral or white tones are best), there must be window coverings on all windows and, of course, everything must to be in proper working order and in relatively good condition. In addition, you property must be in compliance with all Certificate of Occupancy requirements for your municipality. Connection Property Management believes properties that are attractive and in good working condition will rent faster and at a better rate. In addition, the nicer your property is, the more likely your tenant will take good care of it.

  • When will you start advertising my property?

    Connection Property Management will begin advertising as soon as we receive the signed contract from you, complete our initial property inspection, arrange for and complete any repairs or improvements, take pictures and obtain the keys. Your property must be vacant and ready to rent, unless arrangements can be made with the current tenant to allow us to show it while it is still occupied.

  • How long will it take to rent my property?

    The single most important factor in lowering the number of days your property is on market is pricing. We cannot stress this enough. Tenants will compromise on a lot of things on a wish list for their new home. Pricing is not one of them. The more competitive the price, the greater the chance of leasing your home quickly. On average, it takes 30-45 days to lease a home. At Connection Property Management, our goal is to lease your property in 30 days or less. But if a property is priced ultra competitively, we can lease it in a matter of days.

  • How do you determine the leasing price?

    Connection Property Management will prepare a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis for your property based on its size, age and location. We will conduct an exhaustive review of all resources to determine rental rates for your property based rates for on comparable properties. Then, we'll review the findings with you and set a competitive rental price that we believe will make a quick turnaround possible. The price we set is aimed at providing you with a fair rental income that is within current market rates, while at the same time finding a renter within 30 days.

  • Shouldn't I try to get the highest price I can?

    That's essentially what we do. We set the price as high as the market will bear without overpricing it. If your property is priced too high, it is likely to linger on the market beyond 30 days and a property that is sitting on the market is not generating income. We sometimes find owners who set a very high rental price based on their mortgage payment, what their neighbor's tenant is paying or what they’ve heard through the grapevine. Resist the urge to do this. Rental prices are dictated by current market conditions, as well as supply and demand. That's it. Your mortgage, your neighbor and the word on the street have zero influence, other than to create unrealistically high expectations that are bound to end in disappointment. Connection Property Management establishes rental rates that are competitive, fair and designed to attract tenants. And that's your goal: to put paying tenants in your property. To avoid delays and wasted advertising dollars, Connection Property Management requires that you list your home for the rental amount we set.

  • How will we know you set the right price?

    Properties that are competitively priced will generate serious interest in the first two weeks. In our experience, if your property is getting exposure but not leasing -- meaning people are coming to see it but are not moving forward with the application -- it’s probably priced too high. If your home does not lease or attract interested renters in the first two weeks, Connection Property Management may recommend a price reduction to make your home more appealing to renters.

  • What if you do all these things and my property still does not rent?

    We don't stop advertising your house until it is leased, no matter how long it takes. We may recommend some creative measures to stir interest, or we may have to consider a lower rental price. But Connection Property Management will stick with you until we find a tenant and turn your home into a revenue-producing investment.

  • What do you look for in a tenant?

    The most important factors we look for in a tenant are income and employment stability, as well as longevity at their previous address(es). Connection Property Management does not require perfect credit scores, but we don't want to see open collection activity or multiple late payments in the previous 12 months. Tenants must provide pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, employer information, current and past rental information and any other documents we require to approve their application. We conduct one of the most thorough background checks of any South Jersey residential property management services company in the business. Our screening process includes a credit check, criminal background search, nationwide eviction search, employment/income verification and a income/debt ratio analysis.

  • Should I allow people with pets in my rental property?

    Absolutely. Almost everyone has pets and to restrict them will greatly lessen the chance of renting your property quickly. Connection Property Management allows up to two pets per property, unless otherwise directed by an owner. For insurance purposes, we prohibit dangerous dog breeds (for example, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Chow Chows, etc.) and require tenants with dogs to carry mandatory renter’s insurance that covers their specific pet. In addition, all pet owners are required to pay an extra $250 above the standard security deposit to cover potential pet damage.

  • Do you charge a leasing fee?

    Yes, but just one. As with other property management companies, our listing and leasing is handled by a real estate agent. So, the leasing fee is actually the real estate agent's fee, or commission. Where Connection Property Management differs is that we do not impose our own leasing fee the way some other property management companies do. With Connection Property Management you don't get a double hit.

  • Can I help pick out the tenants?

    We know you want to help, but this decision is best left to us. Choosing tenants carefully is part of our South Jersey residential property management services. Connection Property Management is uniquely equipped to review the field of applicants and choose the one that is most qualified for your rental. And we can do it faster and more efficiently if we don't have to call you each time a prospective tenant is interested in your property. Our goal is to find you the best tenant as quickly as possible and turn your property into an income-producing venture.

  • What if I already have someone who wants to rent my property?

    That's great! Have them give us a call and we'll guide them through the application process, perform all background screening checks and coordinate the move in. The Connection Property Management leasing fee still will be applied as there is a significant amount of work to be done even when a property owner can identify a renter in advance.

  • What do you do for the monthly management fee?

    There’s a lot involved in managing a property -- more than most people realize. In fact, that's why so many of our clients are landlords who turned over the property management to us after seeing how much work went into it. Connection Property Management handles every detail of the day-to-day operation of your rental property. This includes tenant issues; phone calls; emails; rent collection and accounting; tenant/owner billing; lease executions; move ins; move outs; owner customer service; 24/7 emergency call service; tenant/owner trust accounts; service repair orders; operation of a full-service maintenance department; home warranty coordination; lease renewals; delinquent account servicing; eviction coordination, and so much more. We are a full service South Jersey residential property management services firm. We earn our fee!

  • How do you determine your monthly management fee?

    Our monthly management fee is a percentage based solely on the amount of the monthly rent. We think that's the fairest way to set our fee. It encourages Connection Property Management to get the best possible rental price for your property, but to set a competitive price that will get it rented quickly.

  • Do you charge me when my property is vacant?

    Absolutely not. Connection Property Management charges only on actual rents collected. If you’re not receiving income on your property, then neither are we.

  • You don’t have an office near my property. How are you going to manage it?

    Thanks to technology, Connection Property Management does not need physical office space near your property. All administrative work is handled through our corporate headquarters in Marlton, NJ via telephone, email, fax or our website.

  • When do I get my rental income?

    Connection Property Management direct deposits your rent money into your account toward the middle of the same month the rent is received, usually right around the 15th. We also can mail a physical check to you each month, but we recommend direct deposit as it puts the money in your hands more quickly. All property account statements are sent to owners via the Owner's Portal or email.

  • Why can’t I get my money earlier?

    The rent is due on the 1st of the month and tenants have a five-day grace period. So, most rents are received on the 5th of the month. Once Connection Property Management receives the tenant’s check, we process it and deposit it in our broker’s trust account. Our accounting department balances the trust account, prepares the property account statements and resolves any issues. That usually brings us to the middle of the month, which is why we direct deposit (or issue checks) on the 15th of every month (or the Monday after if it falls on a weekend). It is our goal to get you your money as fast as possible.

Have more questions? Give us a call at 856-396-6532. We’re happy to answer your questions and tell you more about why you want to do business with Connection Property Management.