South Jersey condo management agency

If you’re looking for value from your South Jersey condo management agency, Connection Property Management is here to help. At Connection, unlike with larger condo management agencies, our focus is solely on property management. We are centrally located in Marlton and provide personalized management service to property owners all over South Jersey. Our condominium managers are professional real estate agents who are both knowledgeable in rental laws, and who also understand how their services aid both associations and residents.

South Jersey condo management agencyOur typical clients are condo association owners that have either tried unsuccessfully to manage their own properties, or who have entrusted their management to lowest bidder firms with disastrous results. At Connection, we aren’t the cheapest or most expensive. We simply provide the best value and return on your investment.

If you’ve hired the wrong firm and need to turn things around, contact us today. We can help you turn a profit from your investment in several ways:

Developing Residential Properties. We’ll thoroughly inspect your condo units and establish a fair cost based on similar prices of homes in the area. We’ll also present condos to potential buyers, and we take the time to ensure that a thorough background check is in place to protect your properties and residents.

Managing Condo Units. We have our own 24/7 hotline team to answer to residents that have emergencies or need repairs for something in their home. We also work with your vendors for any kinds of fixes or additions, and maintain your collection of payments.

Accounting and Communications. We take care of all of your financial accounts, and we’ll send you a monthly statement via e-mail with expense and profit details.

Don’t take the risk of managing your condo properties yourself. You have better things to do…like seeing the value of your property and your profits growing. When you want the best results from your South Jersey condo management agency, contact Connection Property Management today, and leave the property management to us!