Tenant Services Overview

Renting a property can be a daunting process. Which property will make the best home for you and your family? What do you have to do to apply for tenancy? What are the conditions of approval? What will the landlord be like? And how do you know the property is in good working condition and will be maintained properly during the entire length of your lease?

These common tenant concerns easily can be eliminated by renting a property managed by Connection Property Management. At Connection Property Management, we truly care about tenants.

We work closely with prospects throughout the entire rental process to help place them in rental properties that best meet their needs.

If you have questions about the qualification process, we are happy to talk to you about your specific circumstances. If there are reasons you think you may not qualify, we’ll work with you to help you figure it out before you pay the application processing fee. Prospective tenant fears that they won’t qualify often are unjustified. There may be extenuating circumstances or other information that can be taken into consideration to get their application approved. But if you really can’t qualify, then we don’t want you to spend time and money to apply.

Tenants who rent through Connection Property Management are assured that their rental property is in excellent condition because before we ever list a property, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to identify potential problems. None of our properties are offered for lease until every issue has been resolved and the property is move-in ready. That means there is a fresh coat of paint on the walls, the carpets have been cleaned or replaced, all appliances and the heating and air conditioning units are operational, there is no water in the basement, all electric outlets and switches are in working order, and the home has been given a thorough cleaning. The only things a new tenant needs to do is unpack their belongings and put out the welcome mat.

At Connection Property Management, our tenant involvement extends for the life of the lease. We all know things can go awry in any home. Electrical outlets fail. Sinks clog. Clothes dryers stop spinning. It happens. When it does, one call to Connection Property Management puts a repairman at your door. We’re available 24/7 to handle emergencies. And when you call, you’ll get a real person to whom you can explain the problem. Even after hours, there will never be a recording asking you to call back during “normal business hours” or telling you that you will get a callback if your problem is deemed a “true” emergency. We understand that when something goes wrong, you want immediate assurances that your property manager is dealing with it. In non-emergency situations, we also offer you the convenience of requesting routine maintenance via our online Tenant’s Portal.

Connection Property Management tenants never have to deal with the property owners. We’ve all heard horror stories about landlords who stop by unannounced to check on their properties or to adjust heating or air conditioning units for seasonal use. That simply doesn’t happen at properties managed by Connection Property Management. We are your single point of contact for everything. If we need to have access to the property for repairs, maintenance or inspection, you’ll get a phone call from us to set up a mutually convenient appointment time. We’ll never show up unannounced in the middle of dinner.

With Connection Property Management, we take the worry and stress out of finding and living in rental housing. You see, we want our tenants to be happy. We care about you and, frankly, if makes good business sense. If you’re happy, then our property owners are happy. And if both our tenants and our property owners are happy, then so are we.

Need help finding a new property to rent? Give us a call at 856-396-6532. We’d love to help you find a place to call home!