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Nick C.
“CPM did a wonderful job with my rental unit for years above and beyond assisting with repairs, collections and overall management with the property. I will always use them when needed and highly recommend! Gina and Brian are awesome!”

Andrew V.
“Connection Property Mgmt and it’s employees took care of my interests from day 1. They were thorough, responsive, proactive, detailed. I could have asked for a better company to partner with. They handled listing, renting, maintenance, eviction, selling. And everything in between. I would highly recommend to anyone who has rental properties or real estate to inquire with Connection Property Management for their help.”

Paul N.
“CPM was very helpful in screening potential renters and managing my property while the tenants were there. Their connection to contractors (who are reasonably priced) for repairs made the process easier. I recently sold my rental, and the process was easy as well since CPM did most of the work with the buyer and CO, etc.”

Kevion L.
“I have been working with CPM for about a year and a half now and they are exceptional at what they do. In our particular situation we have multiple properties and neither I or my client lives in town to manage these units. Gina and her team are our eyes and ears for the units and they take care of them and the tenants as their own. If you have any property management needs in the Philadelphia / NJ area, look no further than CPM if you want to have a good experience.”

Scotty P.
“Connection Property Management was a fantastic property manager for one of my properties for several years. I had to move unexpectedly for work and turned to CPM to rent out my house for what turned out to be nearly 8 years. CPM put multiple multi-year tenants in the property while I lived several states away. When it came time to sell the property CPM helped my with a realtor they are affiliated with. They have been an incredible resource for me over the past several years and I would highly recommend them.”

Kelly C.
“I rented a property managed by CPM. It was a wonderful experience. I am hesitant to ever rent from a private home owner again. Brian was kind, professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. If I could give 6 stars – I would!!”

Craig K.
“Excellent property management service. I highly recommend Brian and have to friends and family. CPM handles collecting rent, accounting, and finding repair services for property owners.”

Tony G.
“Very pleased with the service. Being stationed overseas, it is great to know I don’t have to worry about my property.”

Barbara N.
“Very professional and great service they handle everything collecting rent sending payments as well as accounting.”

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